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Having hunted through the topics on the WavePad forum, I have not found one that relates to the problem I am experiencing.  If I've missed it, I apologise!

I have just downloaded WavePad Version 6.64 for my iMac (High Sierra 10.13.4).  Whilst the program seems to be working correctly, the WavePad toolbar, playback controls, file info and editing window are all presented as separate, seemingly unconnected items on screen, with no obvious way of pulling them all together into one cohesive unit.  All the screen shots I can find show everything in WavePad contained within a single combined interface.

Is this the way WavePad now looks, or can I bring these items together somehow without the inconvenience of moving each individual part?

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I found this post after I had already complained about the same issue.  I do not like this behavior on part of the software at all, so I ask:  was it different in any of the previous editions or has it ever been the same?  I think this is a huge issue, worth considering a fixing effort from the software developers.

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I am piling on here.  I use Wavepad on both Windows 10 and Mac OS.   I much prefer the integrated interface on Windows 10. 

On Mac OS I am often hunting around across my 3 screens on my Mac OS setup for these for separate / disconnected windows: 

1)  Playback Control window,

2) File Info Window

3) Tool Bar windows 

4) Editing Window 

These windows often end up buried on a different displays, requiring me to arrange them together on one screen to use the program.    This may not sound like big deal, but when you are jumping between different audio files all the time, this is a real pain - I have to do this EVER TIME.  It does NOT even "remember" where I put them last!   I exit one audio file. and re-open another, I have have to do this all again - big impact to productivity and a pain ! 

Where can I report this to NHC?   They make terrific / the best audio editing software overall, but this need to be fixed - or make it an option if some like it. 

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