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Background Noise To Deep To Understand

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If your selected voice has too many effects applied then you may notice a degradation in Voxal's performance and the audio stream may break up or distort. This is due to your computer no longer being able to process the chain of effects quickly enough. In order to rectify the problem you will need to remove some effects from the selected voice.

If the issue persist, please open a support ticket at: https://www.nch.com.au/support/faqcontact.html?software=Voxal&support

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When i put a background noise (just an audio clip of a train going by) it's pitch is lowered by the program. When i apply a high pitch to the audio file it comes out slightly normal when added to the background noise. The background noise file is ruined by the program and i can't figure out why its doing that only to background noise files. (the program lowers the pitch of the Background Noise audio for no reason). I am trying my best to explain this problem i am having sorry. ............ I show what i mean by Voxel Noise Messing up for me by lowering the tone of the audio


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