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chapter markers?` Lost!

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At first glance, you would think that I would be a happy camper just completing

editing my first video using Video Pad Editor.  I would be if I could remember what I

did but what happened was I was using one of the tutorials in split screen while working

on my first DVD and got myself lost~!  I think I’ll be ok.

What I need help with is a dialog box that came up while I was in the Export Tab/DVD

section.  The box came up quickly and vanished just as quick.  All I remember is that it offered me an opportunity of inserting chapter -markers into my project video.  If someone could point me in the proper direction to create chapter markers I would be


Thank You  db1433

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With you project on the timeline.....

  • Move the red cursor line to a point where you would like to insert a chapter or Bookmark.
  • Place the mouse arrow over the thin part of the red cursor line. (Not the block at the top.) You will see a double headed horizontal arrow appear.
  • Right click.
  • Select "Set Bookmark at Cursor" from the menu.
  • Enter a name for the Bookmark followed by OK

VP will set a dotted marker at the cursor position which is colour coded and the name supplied will be visible if the mouse arrow is hovered over the top of the marker line.. These will be exported with the project and when a DVD is created you should get a prompt regarding Chapters. Depending on your DVD player you should be able to move from marker to marker when the DVD is played. I can't actually verify this last part as I use a different DVD authoring software.


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Hi Nat,


Your message came just in time!  Somewhere on one of the sites

I was reading about Bookmarks, but I was cleaver enough NOT to

bookmark that site either, sometimes I amaze myself.


Thank you for answering my question.  That site said something about

going to sequence/player………………..something and then I got lost

because I could not find player!

Again, thanks for taking the extra time for my post.




-Bill  db1433

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