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Is there a way to make a template that I can create other side shows with...ie: step up let say 4 slides, each with a different font and animation setting...save as a template, then open in the future and just add images and text to each of the slides and save...in other words not setting up the fonts and animation for each of the 4 slides again.

Let me (us) know...great software by the way!

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Hello MichaelB,

The program does not have an option to create templates, but what you can do is to create projects and save the projects as templates.  So, in the program, you add the slides you wish to have for that one template then set the font for the text you would add and the animation. Once you have the basic configuration for your template then you may click on File > Save Project file and then select where in your computer you wish to save the project (template) and enter a name.  Keep in mind that the project file would only create a cache image of the images you use on the slideshow, if those images are moved from the original location it would cause a conflict in the program. Once you have the project done you can open it at any time in PhotoStage and edit them to create a new slideshow and save it as a new project with a different name.  Upon exit don't save the changes to the original project so you won't change the template. 

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