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immage burning


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after I make a file immage like [xp]then I burn it to cd the cd wont boot the immage i burned


'Advanced -> Write ISO image to disk' DOES NOT WORK!


I too cannot burn a bootable CD. I have used the same software to create an ISO image and use NERO to burn the CD and they are bootable.


It appears that the burn fails but gives no information why. Most, if not all, of the readable .TXT files on the disk are trash.


This is a bummer! I bought the 'Plus' version because it supposed to burn these images and work with Windows 2003.

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I've got the same problem. Just purchased V3.0, running on Windows 2000, Dell laptop to burn the disks.


I have downloaded several ISOs, use File --> Advanced --> Write ISO Image to a Disk. It selects the file & drive, starts burning the CD, then just quits. The last message on the screen was the popup box saying "Writing Lead-In/Lead-Out". The progress bar is about 30% across, then the popup disappears.


I've mounted the CD on both the Windows box and a Linux box. Have tried to open some ReadMe, HTML, XML, Txt files -- some work and some give error messages (Unexplained error, etc). Some sub-directories open OK, others fail.


Some of the ISO images have checksums supplied, and these verified correctly, so the image on the hard drive is valid.

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