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Web Access Don't Work

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when i try to get on any of my business sortware on web access all i get is a error... the following is for inventoria but i get the same on all of them including express accounts...


document.cookie = 'inventoria_sess=shyhhsllh1; path=/';
window.location = 'chooseprofile';


What is going on?

Please help!

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Hello TADS, have you tried using a different web browser to open the Web access link. Based on the information you shared it could be that your browser or antivirus application is blocking the needed cookies on these programs. Also, to receive proper support from NCH Software team you may want to fill out a support request through this link http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html

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Ok so i found the problem, your software does not work as web access on windows 8.1 as soon as i installed it on windows 7 all is working fine, maybe something that should have a free up[grade to everyone as it becomes un useable for peopel that purchased your software.

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Many of our customers still use Windows 8.1, and they all use the web access, no issues...

Most of the times(not to say all), the case is related to the browser security settings or a firewall/antivirus blocking outgoing and incoming connections, please review. 

Also, make sure to use the correct IP, Local or Public, depending on your current location/network. 



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