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CD burner error: sense data 03 73 02


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Possibly, Express Burn is unable to determine the Optimum Power Calibration rate (a small pre-burn test to determine optimal laser power for writing), resulting a disk burn failure. There is no easy way to pinpoint the exact reason, so try all the possible fixes from top to bottom (easy to hard) and see what works:

  • Try using different brands of quality blank media, most common reason for such error's is cheap blank media.
  • Try burning at lower speeds (Highly effective).
  • Try updating or changing your CD\DVD burning software to the latest version, click here → Download Express Burn for Windows
  • Try upgrading your writer's firmware.


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Was having the same issue.   I was using a USB 3.0 burner that was only powered over USB.  Once I plugged it into a powered USB 3.0 Hub (it was the only thing on just in case), it worked perfectly.   I was on a MacBook pro, and did not have anything plugged into the 2nd USB port but it seemed after about 5-9% of burning the drive would stop the write light flashing but would act like it was still writing.    

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