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VideoPad buffering


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So im not sure whats happening because if i watch the video on my computer unedited it works fine. i have sped up part of my hour long video to 1000 times and im unsure if that is the cause but i added in a transition, and the video that should show up after the transition is instead replaced by a buffering/looping of part of the project that is in the beginning of the video. the audio plays just fine, but the project does not load the rest of the video it should be. help?


edit: i have tried slowing down the 1000x part of the video to 700x and that does not help. i have also tried making a new project and the new project is even more messed up than the initial one. is it because of the video length? 

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I have found that VP really doesn't deal well with large sped-up files. The constant buffering in the preview window alone is maddening. What I've had to start doing is first exporting the raw sped-up video as a whole (no cuts, no other effects), then importing the newly-created file into my main project and editing that. Time consuming at first, but saves major headache later.

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