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.wav to .mp3 back to .wav

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The challenge:

Using EXPRESS Scribe (.wav files). Some files too large to share from the court reporter to the scopist using FTP.Commander. Time constraints obviate mailing. Distance constraints obviate messenger service. Must be done real-time, online.


The attempted solution:

Convert the .wav file to .mp3 to reduce its size; share the MP3 file; convert .mp3 back to .wav for editing using EXPRESS Scribe editing software. Reverse the process to return-share back to court reporter.


All conversion done using NCH Switch software, CD writing tried using both NCH Express Burn and Windows CD-Writer software.


The problem:

The final .wav file cannot be found on the resulting CD.


WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Admittedly, this is my first time using NCH conversion tools.


Any useful suggestions appreciated.


Sam Fox (sfox777769)

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you probably burned the cd as audio, in which case you will only see .cda files there. the proper wave audio files are hidden on audio cds. if you really want to see the .wav files try burning a cd as "data" in express burn.

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