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E-Mail send record

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If you right click on the invoice in the invoice list, you can select Show Log.  This will show you what has been done with the invoice.  You may also be able to see what was sent in the Sent folder of your email program.

Hope this helps!

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Well.... my sent emails used to appear in my sent folder in outlook, but it does not anymore. My sent emails do not show anywhere... My email is val@schoolofrhythm.com

In my desktop for some reason they were appearing into the sent folder of another of my email address (not the one I used to send my invoices).

Really weird.

I have spent hours trying to fix this.

Not being able to verify an email with attached invoice has been sent is a big problem for  my business.

I use outlook 365 (!!), on surface Pro 6 and a dell desktop with Outlook 2010.

Any help would be very appreciated,

Kind Regards,


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