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Choppy export video at 60fps

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Videopad is an awesome program, but I'm experiencing that the output video always has judder, no matter the source or settings.
Framerate is choppy. About every second it jumps a bit.

This might only occur at high framerate (~60 fps). I haven't verified at lower framerates.

I have verified that the source files do not have this problem.

I see the following on your webpage:

MPEG video is choppy
When exporting to MPEG from VideoPad and viewing the output video in a media player such as VLC, you may notice that the video is choppy, has a very inconsistent frame rate or freezes. This could be because there is too much detail in the video or the resolution is too high.

If this problem occurs then you could try the following to work around the MPEG limitation:

Export to a different format such as H.264 AVI
Reduce the resolution of your video
Reduce the amount of detail in your video

However, with other programs, such as ffmpeg and handbrake, I can encode the same video (1080p, 60fps - same as source), constant framerate, with the same codec, also as mp4, same bitrate, resolution, everything, without getting that problem.I've tried exporting using different containers, such as AVI, and also tried H.265 instead. All results in the same choppiness.

It does not depend on which player (such as VLC) I use to play the video afterwards. Even after uploading it to youtube, it looks the same when played in their player.

Something happens in videopad that causes this (or the way it interacts with the codec). I really hope this will be resolved at some point.


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If you have a short project that exhibits the fault please upload it for inspection...

With the project on the time line, click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.  Upload ALL the files that result to Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like, make the link public and post it here.  If there are numerous files, zip them first, then upload the zip file.

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Well I guess I can just create one, since all projects exhibit the fault.. I'll try to find a video that I don't mind being public at the moment.

For now, I can tell that it happens if I add just one video to the timeline and export it, without any sort of effects.

I have investigated the exported video frame by frame in VirtualDub, and can see that about every 50 frames or so, there are two identical frames in a row.

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I don't know what your point is.

Of course there won't be any problems with the output in this case, because the output is simply a direct stream copy of the input. It's not being re-encoded.

I can't use that for anything, since I'm not interested in just copying my videos (It wouldn't make sense to use VideoPad to do that). I want to do some actual editing (transitions, effects, etc), in which case the video will have to be encoded, instead of simply copied.

This project is just the simplest possible sample, to show that VideoPad creates choppy 60 fps videos, even if you're doing nothing to the video, but just encoding it.

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I have done a lot of investigation into this now, and I can say for sure that:

it does not matter what format, container, codec the source videos are, even uncompressed AVI.
It does not matter what the output container, codec, etc., is. (obviously excluding lossless, since that's just a direct stream copy)
It does not matter what you're doing in the project. I can just be a single video being exported, with no editing, or a series of videos edited together with effects and transitions.

The result is always the same: 60 fps videos encoded through VideoPad are choppy, because some frames are duplicated, even when the source is the exact same framerate (no 59.94 fos and 60 fps mismatch either, but EXACTLY the same.).

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