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Adding simple text, text too small in editor

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When adding simple text, and editing it, the font size is also changed in the text editor.

The problem is, if you're adding some small text, like font size 4 or less, it's almost impossible to read while editing it. It's not too small in the video, just in the text editor.

I would like to suggest always keeping the text the same size in the text editor, so you can read what you're writing/editing. The size in the text editor doesn't relate to the size in the video anyway, so there isn't really any point in it changing size there.


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Having a consistent font size in the editor window with the preview window reflecting the actual state of the editing ...size/formatting etc. would seem a reasonable idea and I think earlier versions did work like this , albeit with a much smaller text entry area. But the problems then were related to line lengths,spacing and text editing when different font sizes were set.

As well as changing the font size post entry as Borate suggests you could also compose the text in a separate program like Notepad where you could use any font size.  Copying and pasting this to the VP text entry window would work as VP will default it to the properties you have set. A lot depends on line length and character size....the VP editor window is much wider than the screen when it comes to the number of characters visible and its difficult to relate one to another.

If  you use Copy/Paste  and Notepad  (any font size) then as a thumbnail rule  you can type 42 characters  and with font size 10 set in VP  the resulting text line  will just fill the VP image frame. Font size 20 will produce a single line also but will spill over the screen.   etc.




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On 3/29/2018 at 4:15 PM, borate said:

Good thought.  A workaround would be to compose with a large font,  select (hightlight) all the desired text and then change the font size.

That's what I do, but it's a lot more work.

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