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"Unable to create the new file" in Express Rip

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The error message "Error opening file - Unable to create the new file" appears when the rip reaches certain tracks.  It stops the rip until the problem track-files are unchecked.  It has happened with a number of CDs.  Express Rip performed OK to start with and the error messages only began to appear after I decided to buy a software licence.  Now it prevents a few tracks on most CDs from being ripped.

The track-files that create the error message do not present a problem for Windows Media, and they work with the Play functionality in Express Rip

I have raised a support request but would like to know if anyone has experienced and solved this.



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I have the same problem. Tried to rip to another folder, deleted the first folder and created a new one with diferent name, tried also to reset the PC. I'm now waiting the answer from NCH tecnical support. Tried to attach a screenshot but is not possible. Since Desmodromic posteda request for tec support allmost two years ago  I wonder if he had solved the problem.

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I tried a solution which works but I'm not happy about. I disconetden the interned and the aplication ripped all thetracs  from the CD wihtout problem but allso without  any data of the tracs. So you have to write the data of all the tracs manualy.

As I ripped 82 CD-s from a collection of clasical music in FLAC format and "only" 6 of them encountered this problem.   I could  resolve the the case in another way - rip the CD-s in Windows madia player, which works fine. 

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The prolem is solved. Chris from NCH tecnical support  answered me: "it seems the issue is that the file's name is too long and that is causing the issues with the program.  Would it be possible for you to try using shorter names for the songs and test again? The file name length is a Windows limitation, if the file name exceeds the supported character limit it will simply fail during the writing process. He was right. When the problem happens  I just shorten the album title and it is OK. As I'm  ripping  classical music on many tracks thera are a lot of data / names - the orchestra, the conductor, the author and than allso various solists...- the file names in same cases could be too long. 


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