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how do i get text to scroll from right to left

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VP 6.01 (and 6.0)

With your clip on the timeline......

  • Click the Add Text button on the toolbar
  • The top of the choice list will show 5 options including "Scrolling Right to Left"
  • In the following Text entry window select your Font, Text properties, Text position and justification from the options shown.
  • Type your text into the area below the options
  • Click enter and close the window. VP will create a text image in the image bin and place this on the overlay track.
  • The text you entered will play over the video on Video Track 1

If you don't see these options then simply use Add text. There will be options to scroll it various ways. If THESE options are not seen :othen add the text image you create to Video Track 2 (the overlay track) click the FX button and apply the Position effect using keyframes to position and move it in the desired direction. If you still can't make your text move using this method then come back here and someone will explain the moves.


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On 3/5/2018 at 9:05 PM, oscar80 said:

...........  I also want to rename the clips.

Hi again..

if you right click the clip in the clip bin you should see Rename  among the options. Select this and enter the new name in box provided. The name of the clip will now be changed and be retained when the clip is added to the timeline. If you have already added the clip to the timeline it will  update automatically.


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