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On opening VP 6.01 a previous project is loaded

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Hi Borate

23 minutes ago, borate said:

Clear the cache, and in OPTIONS|DISPLAY confirm that the "show the welcome dialog when VP starts' box is checked,

Done both of these. On clicking the desktop shortcut, VP still opens and loads an old project straight off. The white window offering a choice of loading a project etc, doesn't come up at all. There is the yellow NCH Splash screen with VP version data but behind this is the loading project box. It's the "Flying Saucer" mask demo project.

I'll see what happens when I put the .vpj file in the dustbin.......

Well it loads just  the empty VP main screen (after the Splash screen) but there is no white choice window. Same thing happens if the .vpj file is left alone and the image clip in the project is binned. (I don't get a "File missing"  window in this case as one might expect if it was still trying to load the vpj file.  (Does if I load the file manually) Perhaps v6.01 doesn't show a choice window on startup.

No big hassle, just an observation.




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3 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:

Hi Borate

Perhaps v6.01 doesn't show a choice window on startup.

    It does here.  Humm.  You might try a full uninstall/clean reinstall.  Something isn't kosher.

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On 3/5/2018 at 4:57 AM, c_major said:

Forgot to mention in the release note:

VideoPad will try to open the last project (regardless version difference).

Well that's very annoying. Please consider adding an option to disable that. If I open the program by clicking it's shortcut, I never want any project to be loaded. If I do want to open a project, I double click the project file instead.

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