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Editing problems on top spec PC


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I have the latest version of Videopad installed and  have a brand new PC:  Top spec I7 8700K, 16GB RAM, 3GB GTX 1060 dedicated graphics card, Samsung EVO SSD.  I bought this spec so I could specifically edit videos. 

Creating videos is very difficult.  I use 4k clips recorded from my phone (mp4) and high resolution photos (20MP from a Sony RX100 camera)  Once the video is approx 2-3 mins long everything grinds to a halt.  "Building preview", sound playing but video frozen, sequence preview grayed out so only clip preview works (after waiting for it to build the preview)  I have ensured no other programs are running in the background.  My hardware cannot be the problem.  Am I missing something before I abandon Videopad and shell out more money for something like Adobe?  I like Videopad for its simplicity and small learning curve but I can't continue to work like this.  Exporting is also slow (I assume the graphics card is not being used)  If not why?  

I read somewhere that it could be due to videopad being 32 bit and only being able to use 4gb of RAM at a time.  If so when will a 64 bit version be released?  Is one even in development?  If Videopad does not move with the times others like myself are going to jump ship and use alternative software.  1080p rendering is going out.  4K is here.  I don't want to render in 1080p or even 2K - imagine how they will look on the 8K or higher tv's of the future)

Thanks in advance for any replies. 

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At the point where the project bogs down, click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT and upload all files that result to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.  Or zip the result and upload the zip file.  Make the link public and post it here.  Someone will take a look at it.

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