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Cannot add MP3 Sound to Video

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I have a short, silent MP4 video clip that I am trying to add sound to.  When I drag the MP3 file onto the audio section in Videopad, the video disappears.  When I save it, the video plays for 2 seconds and then only the audio will play.  Any and all fix suggestions welcome.  Thank you!

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Check in Storyboard mode that the video is still there. (it should be). You should see the thumbnail of the clip with the duration printed underneath it, but no audio track evident or perhaps just a straight line. If there is an audio track..even a "silent" one VP (AFAIK) will read the MP4 clip as actually having a track. This means that the mp3 will be placed to follow the "silent" audio on Audio Track 1. Until you have added it Audio Track 2 will not be visible.

If the mp3 is a long audio clip relative to the MP4  it will be shown on the timeline full length and the video clip section will have been squashed visually . Zoom in and see if it there at the start.

If this is the case then all you need to do is grab the mpeg3 in Audio Track 1 and drag it down to Audio Track 2 and then along to the left so it plays under the silent video.

BTW. How long is the video clip......?





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Nat has good advice.  A possible alternative, considering that the video is silent...

Load the initial Mp4 clip, then UNlink audio from video (right-click menu) and delete the audio track.

Now drop your Mp3 onto an audio track.

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