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Hello there!

New here today.

I have used the free version of Debut linked to a webcam as a basic CCTV. Fine, great playback, excellent even, but... WMP only has one 'fast forward' speed and that is so slow. So, two questions please.

Can I use, on Debut settings somewhere, a motion detection utility to save me from having a lot of video?

Is there a feature or NCH program [ I have Videopad also ] someone can recommend that I can swap the video over into and fast forward at a much greater rate please?

I did try Videopad but the download from one to the other is very slow and, I don't know if I can fast forward or just edit. Help!

Thank you in advance.

Enjoy your day!


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Hello Eddie,

Debut doesn't offer motion detection. But the surveillance program EyeLine at https://www.nchsoftware.com/surveillance/index.html does offer the possibility to record only when motion is detected.

With VideoPad you can speed up the video, add it to the Main Timeline below, right click it and select "Change Clip Speed...", finally export it.

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