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NCH Debut - No Sound on Preview

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I have NCH Debut Pro 5.0.  I am using it to transfer videos from an old Hi8 Camcorder to my Windows 10 computer.    Based on the NCH recommendations for a capture device at  http://www.altoedge.com/usbcapture/index.html, I bought the Diamond VC500.  I hooked up the S-Video, and the Red & White cables.  I installed the driver for that along with the PowerDirector12 software that came with the VC500, but I really want to use the Debut software instead.

Problem is: When using Debut, in previewing the video on the computer screen (ie, before hitting the Record Button), Debut shows the video, but NO sound.   I tried hitting the record button, and oddly enough, the recorded MP4 file DOES have the sound, just not the preview.   When I do the same operation using PowerDirector12 software, the sound come through normally on both the preview and the record.    I checked through all the OPTIONS in Debut, but could not find one that effected the sound while previewing.   Any idea how to get SOUND to come through in the Debut preview of the video?

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"the recorded MP4 file DOES have the sound, just not the preview...Debut preview of the video" 

By "preview" you referring to the list of recordings? when you play the .MP4 from the recordings list of Debut? please confirm. Debut has no Preview window/option, you can record from the main window and play the recording from the Recordings list. 




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7 hours ago, Telephony said:

By "preview" I am not referring to the list of recordings...what I do mean is ... I have the Hi8 camcorder attached and hit the play button on the camcorder.    The video plays on the Debut screen, but no sound is there.   I haven't yet hit the record button, but merely looking at the video (with sound only) before deciding what part(s) I wish to record.   When I do hit the "record" button on Debut, both video and sound gets recorded.   



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So you don't have sound on the resultant video? Please check the following: 

  1. In the Options of Debut go to the 'Devices' tab and confirm that "Capture Sound" is enabled.
  2. Also ensure that the Sound Device selected is your computer's sound card, and the Input Channel is "Windows Record Mixer".
  3. Click on the "Open Windows Record Mixer" button to open the Recording Control window.
  4. Make sure the correct output is selected. Stereo Mix (or Wave Out Mix) should be the one you select if available.  If using a capture device, select the sound device associated with that capture card.
  5. Also check that the volume slider for that output in the Recording Control window is set to an acceptable level.
  6. Open the Windows Volume Control mixer by clicking the loudspeaker icon on the computer's system tray, and check to see that your selected device is not muted.
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Sorry to drag up an old post, but that more or less the same trouble I'm having.

I would follow the instructions from Tech Support, but my Debut does NOT have a devices tab in the Options (v5.45).

Is this right?

The program so far seems to be an excellent piece of kit. Far superior to other's I've tried. Just a pity it's unusable without sound. 😕




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Hi, I have the same problem as above. It records video and audio soundtrack perfectly, and playback after recording is fine.

However,  during the recording, I am unable to hear the soundtrack. I can only see the video while it is being captured and not hear the audio (like in mute mode). When I am preparing to record, I am also not able to hear playback of the source (camcorder or VHS player) before starting to record. This is very frustrating.

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I'm also having the same problem. You can see the sound coming through on the meter, but you can't hear it.

I also have been able to get the sound to record, but unable do hear anything while previewing or recording.

Has there been a fix for this. I've installed the most recent beta, but that didn't make any difference,

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I am also having the zero Audio captured Problem using Version 5.62 of Debut. I am unsure if it is the driver (lack of) for the Video DVR capture unit I am using. As most of the support here refers to buttons which do not exist in this version and all videos I can find are for pre-WIN 10 installs frustration is mounting.



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I just installed Debut 5.65 Pro for the first  time  Win 10 (my first experience with the Debut software) with Hauppauge  USB Live 2 

I am having the same problem: the source Audio Meter on the Debut application shows audio is received before  and after recording but can only be heard during playback of the recorded file.

When checking Settings, System, Sound, Input Device that is shown is:"Hauppauge  USB Live 2" and the bar indicator on "Check your Microphone" is moving with the source sound (!). 

Checking the sound Mixer, "Hauppauge  USB Live 2" is present but moving its volume slider has no effect on the Audio level indicator on the Debut application.

Is it possible that the audio from the "Hauppauge  USB Live 2" is channeled to the  PC  (and the Debut application)as a Microphone signal?

I know that my question may not make sense but it may give a clue to someone.

I can somehow work with it since I can hear the sound during the played video from the Hi8 Camcorder/Player, but it may become a problem when I try to digitize VHS taped from a VHS player.

Did anybody find a solution to the problem?

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Found the solution (Windows 10)as follows:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Select Hardware and Sound
  • Select Change System Sound (in Sound) The Digitizer that you use should have a check mark
  • Select Recording Tab
  • Right click that device and select Properties
  • Select the "Listen to this device"
  • You can also select the "Levels" tab to adjust the level of the audio indicator on the Debut application.
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