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Missing Originals


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It is extremely important when editing that to keep the original untouched, you use the 'Save As' function, and rename the edited file. 

Hopefully you have access to another copy of the original; because once you use the 'Save' function on a file, without renaming it, you have performed a "destructive" edit to the original. Therefore it is best to work with, (or 'Save As') , a copy of the original. 


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Saving your edited image as a PhotoPad Project (*.ppp) will store the original unmodified image along with the layer list of changes. This allows you to edit or remove layers later on.

PhotoPad is the only program that can open .ppp files though. To save your edited image as a .jpeg, you'll have to do as vapors says and use the 'Save As' dialog.

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