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Shorten silences in audio file

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I edit recorded speeches and lectures.  Many times, there are silences in the audio file that are too long.

For example, a 3 second silence might be OK in live, but in a recording, it's too long for no reason.

Is there a way for me to shorten all silences in the file, say, all silences above 1s get reduced to 0.75s?

I would really like that. Tool, macro, something?


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used "text file" meant "audio file" -fixed
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Try the option called "Trim Silences". This can be used to remove or shorten silent regions. It is similar to Auto Trim, but provides more advanced functionality. It works by scanning the selected region for the peak level, then searching for regions that are the Auto Trim Threshold level below that peak. These 'silences' can then be removed, or shortened.

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Er, I apologize for my noobness, but I can't find it under any menus on my version?

Using 6.21 here...

Unless it's a plugin or something, or maybe I am just blind?

I tried looking up the help to search for "trim silence" but ... Help isn't searchable?

Thanks for the help! :)

And crap now my license is only OK for version 7 but not 8, my software never notified me of updates, or via email either, and where's the download for the last version 7.x?

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