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After Deleting Clip It Jumps To Top of Video Clip List

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Hi, I've been having some minor but slightly annoying issues since the upgrade to the dark coloured edition has been released. One of them is that every time I delete a clip that I don't want to use, the editor will jump to the top of the list instead of staying where I was when I hit the delete button. So let's say I have about 60 individual clips, I highlight No. 45 and for this I had to scroll to the bottom of the page. I then delete it but then all of a sudden the first clip will be highlighted, meaning it will jump to the of the video clip list. This can get a bit annoying when I have several dozen clips and I want to just get on with editing but I have to keep scrolling down because it keeps jumping up to the top after I delete a clip I don't need. I already find it really hard to locate a clip I am editing because I cannot see the highlight as it is all dark, but then it jumps to the top so I have to scroll down and figure out which is the next clip I want to edit. I think it is a bug in the system as it never happened in the previous versions. Is it possible to go back one stage in the upgrade for me? This dark theme is also very tiring on my eyes. Thank you!

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