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If I return goods back to suppliers I need first an GRV (Goods Return Voucher) as proof of the sending and when I received the credit from the seller I have to allocate this Voucher into an credit note. Where can I get this function on Express Accounts?

Kind regards

Mrs S Odendaal

South Africa

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Maybe I must explain.
We running a 24 hour Tyre Breakdown service and repair business. We buy our Tyres and other stock such as valves tubes rims bolts and nut etc. from different suppliers. NOW!!

I bought a tyre from supplier (CREDITOR) ABC and fit this tyre on an breakdown. About 100km from where we fit this tyre we get a blow out on this tyre. So..... we have to put in a claim. For my own safety and future reference I have to put this into my computer as a GOODS RETURN FOR CREDIT. After 2 weeks the supplier reports back, YES THIS IS A CLAIM AND WE WILL CREDIT YOUR ACOUNT WITH THE AMOUNT. What must I do with this credit I received from the supplier? I HAVE TO READ THIS CREDIT ONTO THE SUPPLIERS (CREDITOR) ACCOUNT BECAUSE I HAVE TO PAY THIS AMOUNT LESS AT THE END OF THIS MONTH.

If I go to top menu View → Credit Notes → New+ I only get the credit option for my CUSTOMERS (DEBTORS)  who have to pay to me for my services AND NOT THE CREDIT I NEED FOR MY SUPPLIERS FROM WHO I BUY

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This option is not yet available in the software, we send the suggestion to our developers to include it in future releases.  Try this workaround: 

1. click option, go to payments tab on the left.

2. Add credit note payment method along with cash, cheque etc.

3. click ok

4. Go to purchases tab at the top of the screen

5. Select acccounts payable, highlight purchase order to apply credit note to (if not paid),

6. click payment tab, in the pop up menu, ensure method of payment is credit note.

7. in reference note the credit note number of supplier.

8. click record.

This method will not physically show the credit note, but will keep your numbers in balance. This method will show purchase order paid as partial.  In accounts payable REPORT it will not be deducted until the purchase order is paid in full. In accounts payable you can view the balance owed to a supplier by selecting sort by supplier.

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