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Hi, I've been trying this for months but couldn't come up with a solution. What I want to achieve is to reduce the volume of several clips at once, without having to go into each clip one by one to reduce the volume. I've already placed the clips on the sequence timeline, I highlight say 5-6 of them and then in the audio effects I choose "Change Clip Volume". Problem is it only changes the volume of one of the clips and not all five of them. I know there is a volume button at the front of the timeline but that reduces the volume of every clip on the timeline and there are interviews and other stuff for which I need to maintain the higher level of volume. Please let me know if I can just "batch" reduce the volume of certain clips or not as it would save a huge amount of time for me. Now I go into each clip one by one and it takes a LONG time. Also, I tried exporting to wavepad and so on, but that just makes the whole process even longer. 


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Hi, thank you I tried that too but it didn't work. When I unlink the audio from the video, the audio extends to its original length even though I cut the video clip already. So it jumbles up everything if I unlink the audio and it has caused me a lot of headache in the past when the audio did not align with the video. Also, by the time I unlink, drag down to the second audio sequence, change the volume, relink and so on will take longer than reducing the volume one by one. Anyway, I was hoping that there is an option of highlighting several clips at once, right click, select the volume option, lower it and that lowers the volume for the selected clips. I will just carry on doing it one clip at a time. Thanks anyway!


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Not seeing that behavior here.  Five A/V linked clips were dropped onto the timeline;  they were not grouped.  A portion of each was deleted.  This excised both audio and video.

Clips 1, 3, 5 were unlinked, then selected and dragged to audio track 2.  Each clip retained its original length..  No need to relink, but it made no difference in clip lengths.

The volume on track two was maximized.   The project was exported, and volume on all track 2 clips remained maximized.


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