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Audio Delay

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I recently downloaded the latest Express Scribe version onto my new Dell laptop and have noticed an annoying delay of a few seconds whenever i start a file- either with the footpedal, hot keys, or even clicking on the play button on the screen. This delay occurs any time I restart the audio after more than a few seconds of pausing it. I don't have this issue on any other audio players on my computer, and I didn't have this on previous versions of express scribe on my old computer! Any ideas?

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I have Express Script Pro and am using Windows 10.  The file is a wma file and it seems to happen with all of them.  Yes, I am using a foot pedal for playback, but I've tried three different pedals and so I know it's not the pedal.  They are all brand new and it happens with all of them.  It didn't alway happen either.  It started about two to three weeks ago.  

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