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Choppy / Laggy Video & Audio (searched other posts)

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A lot of posts related to this are for the older versions and/or screen capture. I have paid for the newest version and record via  webcam on my laptop. My recorded videos are longer in nature, >30mins, using x264 encoder and AVI files, however, the video has huge lags in between and audio is COMPLETELY off, I'm talking about maybe 30 secs to 1 min off. 

Is this a software or hardware issue? If hardware, is it CPU? Video card? Ram? Hard drive? etc? Software issue-- what can i change in the settings to record smoother audio / video with webcam.

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Hello gstspyder, remember that when recording video and audio you may have sync issues since the recording of those two media is done at different speed or frames per second, what you may want to do is to try using different audio and video settings to find which better fits your hardware limitations. Recording video and audio may take most of its drive from the CPU, and memory so what you may want to do is to stop any applications or windows that you do not need while recording to avoid loading too much the CPU and memory.  Also, you may want to try using different settings like the fast capture mode which depending on the webcam you are using may bring better results.

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