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I've been using VideoPad for a while for 2D videos. I wanted to try the Export 3D function and have tried SBS and OU, both left and right eye first, and still cannot get the HTC Vive to play the video correctly. I can see the video try to switch into the SBS mode but the two images never merge together. Anyone else try this? Or is this SBS 3D for TVs with the glasses, not VR HMDs?

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If you are using red/cyan anaglyph glasses you can export your project as a 3D Video file.

In the Export Video parameter window set the  Stereoscopic format to Anaglyph Image Red-Cyan (or Cyan-Red depending on the orientation of the filters in the glasses being used)  The resulting export to the PC or TV screen will give a stereo effect when viewed with the glasses.

Note that this is not true stereo as it is derived from a single image/video clip.

In principle  each single frame is duplicated, the colour channels of each are altered and the images are recombined with a small side by side displacement. In some setups the image RED channel is shifted.   When viewed with suitable glasses each eye sees its own  image and recombines them.  As they are displaced the effect produced will be to make the plane of the video/image seem to be in front of or behind the plane of the screen but it will remain in effect, a flat image. 

If the RED channel is moved to the right the image plane moves backwards and if moved to the left the image plane is moved forwards. Using this method it would be possible to enhance or reduce the 3D effect by making the separation of the two images greater or smaller but VP has no controls to do this. This is a fairly simple process as used here but programs do exist that will use variable separations and even image distortions to produce quite realistic 3D from flat images.

With regard to VP.....Here is a flat image.........(VP snapshot from an image clip)


Here is the image in VP anaglyph 3D....  (Both snapshots from Videopad)


You should see the 3D effect in this image above if you use the RED/Cyan glasses. It's not huge but more separation would make it more obvious. This is one I made from the first snapshot in an image editor.....Should be better...Red Channel shifted left...Image is shifted forwards (but still flat.)


With a large RED channel shift to the right the image moves backwards behind the screen....


It would be useful if VP could provide a control to set the RED channel displacement with a choice of sides.

The side by side videos can be played and viewed in a suitable two lens direct vision video stereo viewer either left/right or right/left depending if the viewer is crossover view or not.

I don't think that the 3D red/cyan effect functions with the VP text...at least I can't get it to work. Works with images OK though.


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Added another anaglyph and note re channels
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