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Recent update holding my project hostage

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So I just spent the better part of my morning working on a small project, and out of nowhere video pad stops working and crashes. This has never happened before so I found it odd, simply restarted the program. 

Videopad has an update. Great! lets do that.

update completes, says i'm using a demo. no worries I'll just put in my purchase code and be back on my way.


BIG NOPE. NCH wants me to pay at least $27 for this update otherwise I won't be able to finish my project. Fuck that, I'll go back to the old version. I roll it back, and it only rolls back to the current update! so now I can't finish my project, I REFUSE to pay for an update (which, btw, crashes every time I make an edit) when I already purchased videopad less than 1 year ago.


So what I would like to know is if anybody has the old version saved somewhere I can download so I can get back to making videos.

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