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Not recognizing USB capture card

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In the latest version of Debut, the program is not recognizing my USB capture card. I've confirmed in the previous version it did work fine. Nothing has changed to the hardware before or after I upgraded Debut. I even re-installed the driver to see if that would kick things into place, but that didn't solve the problem.

For reference, the device I use is called “S-Video / Composite to USB Video Capture Cable w/ TWAIN and Mac Support.” It's made by Startech and the product ID is “SVID2USB23.”

I haven't upgraded in a long time. It was working in version 2.05, but not in 4.09.

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I recommend you to check different capture options, for example some video capture devices are detected as a Webcam. You will be able to see it under Webcam menu. You may also try to connect your capture device to a different USB port to see if it makes any difference. If that does not work, you can reinstall the program using the following link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutpmaci.zip


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Different capture options don't work. It's only listed in the program as a “Capture Device.” I'll try a different port and if need be, re-install it. I tried using the support option on the website, but the company wants me to buy it first before they help me.


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