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Videopad Exporting Problem


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I had a two minute long video of gameplay that I trimmed down to around 20 seconds. When I export it, the first 1.6 seconds are a still frame that I can't seem to get fixed, even when exporting with different settings. I am using Videopad 5.20. Can someone help out?

Here is the link to the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15_E5Kpxmcx7weOsrhAxol8d629aGcqfv/view?usp=sharing

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You have uploaded a 2:35 project.  The WonLife\2017-12-24_12-49-47.mp4 source file is frozen at the head, so that's what you will get when edited in VP.

Perhaps that file needs trimming?

Someone will take a look at the 20" final version if you place it on the time line, then click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.

Upload the results to Google Drive and post a public link here.

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The download is a .vpj file and two mpeg4 clips.

Both clips play as expected. The first clip on the timeline is WonLife.mpeg4. This plays for 18.384 seconds overall. There IS a section  about 1.6 seconds long at the start of this clip that has sound but does not have any movement, but this is identical to the start of the same clip previewed from the clip bin. There is no error here in so far as VP is playing what is in the clip..i.e. The clip plays correctly. 

The second clip is 2017-12-24_12-49-47.mpeg4  This is edited into two sections both of which appear to play correctly.

How did you edit the first clip (WonLife) from the main video?  This might give a clue why there is a static bit at the start. Did you use Split  or edit the start point with the IN/OUT marker? Was there a transition prior to the split?........etc.

With VP 5.32 (latest version) there is no evidence of any static video with normal sound with any of the above options.


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