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Note re. Tools option in 5.31


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There are lots of references in previous posts referring to the Tools/Options.........etc.

In the latest version of VP (5.31) and  if one is using the new "darker" colour scheme the Tools choices are no longer visible on the top toolbar.

It's not been left off though. Options is now accessed by clicking the double chevrons at the right hand end of the toolbar next to NCH Suite.

However you can build your own toolbar to include all the choices (including Options) by clicking Custom tab and then the Customize.button



Actually,  just found that changing the screen resolution to 1280 x 960  revealed more items on the Home toolbar as well as options. My default was set as 1024 x 768. Which is what I shall return it too as the higher res makes everything a bit too small.  (Didn't think this action would change the actual contents of the toolbar):mellow:


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