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Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

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Surely the software stops recording when the sound stops, then resumes with a new file when the sound starts up again?

Which brings me to MY question - can the pause interval determining when a new file is started be set by the user or is his fixed?  It appears to be fixed at around  >2 sec.

I'm a diehard XP'er and the software definitely stops recording when the audio stops for a presumably predetermined time which appears to be around 2 sec, then resumes with a new file when it resumes.


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On 12/12/2017 at 2:44 PM, Stephen Mansell said:

Exactly! I could leave the computer to record and be sure that it only recorded what I wanted. Now I have to sit by the machine and wait for it to finish or end up with hours of silence.

Yes, the reply to your question was not apropos. 

Hard to believe this would change with W 7,8 or 10 but on the other hand it would be just one more reason to tell uSoft to shove it with their abandonment of XP.


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