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Playback setting for loop or return-to-start?

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Hey everyone,

VideoPad newbie here.  I have the basics figured out and like the program so far.  I have been needing to learn video editing for posting performance videos.

Question:  Relating to playback, I am accustomed to the functionality of my audio editor workspace (not NCH software), which allows for the cursor to automatically return to the previous start position when stopping playback.  This is very useful for hearing short audio sections repeatedly, without having to manually relocate the cursor each time.

Is there a similar setting in VideoPad, such that when I stop playback, the cursor will return to the previous start position?  In other words, so Stop doesn't function like a Pause button?  Yes, I can click the timeline to pop the cursor back, but finding the *exact* start point of the previous playback start point is time consuming.  This is critical to carefully examine video-audio sync.

Barring that possibility, is there a way to choose a clip range to loop for playback?  

Thanks in advance.

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One approach...

Drop in a SPLIT at the desired start point, if not already extant at the start of a clip.

Then use <shift>+left arrow to return to that split point.  <shift>+right arrow will jump to the next split point...and so on.

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.........or you can Split at your return point as Borate suggests (there is an option to split all or any individual track) and use the  ll<   or  >ll  buttons under the Sequence Preview pane to return to the split point.

If you don't fancy splitting anything then you can set the cursor line at the return point and then right click on the white time bar above the thumbnails. This will let you insert a bookmark at the cursor point (which you can title).  Although this cannot be referenced automatically you can left click the dotted line accurately to return the red cursor to that return point.  However, this IS a manual method.

If you are dealing with a single clip you might also try selecting the clip on the timeline and switching into Clip Preview. You can then set the Clip Preview red cursor line to your return point followed by clicking the red "Start" button. This will make the clip start from this point.  You will now be able to  play the sequence (the clip) from this position repeatedly using the Play and Return controls. Remove the the red "Start" marker back to its original place when finished. Note: If there are several clips on the timeline this method would be same as using Split.


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