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If you can add outlines and shadows on simple text clips, then why can't you do the same for animated text clips/titles? That would be cool!

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The animated titles unfortunately can't be given outlines like the simple text lines. Using Bold for a second identical overlay text or changing the font size by one step won't work  but a "pseudo" outline can be created  as shown below by using an identical title in a contrasting colour very slightly displaced on Video Track 2 (red) with the normal animated text (black) on Video Track 3. In this example the yellow background is on Video Track 1....


An outlined shadow can be created for the animated text by using another identical text (a third overlay) that has the same colour as the outline but displaced a little further and slightly blurred using the effects under FX..... (This is a frame from the "Wave" animation.....Background on Track 1; "Shadow" on Track 2, "Outline" on Track 3 and black text on Track 4)....


But probably the best "shadow" can be made by simply using the main text on Video Track 3 with a blurred and displaced animated title under it on Video Track 2 and the background on Video Track 1. The "Shadow" can be placed to simulate illumination from any direction . Here the light is coming from top left....


Provided each track is lined up so the animations start simultaneously the total effect is quite good.


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I don't wanna use the Shadow or Blur video effects because then the video takes FOREVER to render.
Thanks for the suggestions though. :)

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