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Pro audio sample frequency 48k not available


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I just bought the pro version of Debut Capture thinking it would allow me to set the sampling frequency of audio recorded from my device to 48k when encoding to .mov with H264 compression. I'm a sound engineer and need it to be the industry standard 48k. I dont want it being captured at 44.1k which Debut seems to be forcing.

1. I know for sure that my audio device Roland Duo Capture Ex and my Webcam Logitech c920 are 48k capable because I have tested them in other software and checked the spec.

2. I know that H264 codec and the corresponding AAC component is capable of 48k. Yet in Debut there is no way to set the frequency, there is only a bit rate setting with no corresponding sampling frequency or mono/stereo options and upon inspection of the result, it is always being captured @44.1k. Even VirtualDub has more choices in the drop down bit rate list to include 48k options when using H264 even if its native from the device. Including mono which is also my preference (48k/16bit mono) Why has Debut been crippled from this?

I have my windows 10 pro 64bit system audio running at 48k/16bit as well. I realise that AAC is lossy but there's no option in H264 for PCM. For a very frequent video blog capturing in mjpg hi res in order to get pcm adds too much time in conversion to the end format (H264) for low file size streaming.

Am I missing something or is this "pro" version really not giving me pro audio options for H264 native?

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Hi thanks for the reply Telephony

I have tried that previously but that creates a ginormous file that requires conversion and doesnt import into Resolve. AVI wrapper is slowly becoming outdated anyway. But the main thing is I want to keep the compression native to the device (H264) so that there's no conversion necessary. The wrapper must be .mov. to keep my workflow streamlined.

Isn't Debut Capture based from VirtualDub code? It's possible in VD, the drop down list for AAC bitrate includes 48k and mono options. I need 320kbps 48k mono (or stereo if I must). Basically the highest quality sound possible for the H264 codec which the c920 can deliver at 1280x720@30fps (maybe at 1920x1080 to but thats unstable).

Also you guys are Aussies to. Why no 25fps options?

Can we continue this privately then. I feel the product is not usable as advertised ("Pro version" which was never testable until purchased and no comparison chart) and would like a refund unless it is something you can add in the very near future. I notice your response to FR's has been excellent.

You might ask why do I use Debut Capture if I'm using pro editors or need pro requirements. Two reasons

  1. You advertise it as Pro once paid for so I thought I would have industry standard sound options.
  2. My wife is not so IT savvy and needs to operate just the capture side and your interface is really good for that.



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