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Problem with exported animated .gif


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Is their a bug in videos exported as .gif ??

Just noticed while checking out a forum thread that although individual frames of an animation exported as a .gif  play OK and so produce the animated movement required, they do not delete the previous frame of the sequence as they should. Each frame is therefore retained. As  any background transparency is also retained, an object set up to move across the screen leaves a trail. This does not happen in VP only in the exported clip . ......

e.g. This is a screenshot of an exported .gif clip. A football with a transparent background is animated to bounce off the top of the screen... In VP this played OK. (This is the exported clip played using Irfanview)


Initially I thought this might be a fault of the player. The fault however seems to be in the VP rendering process and not the subsequent viewer used as when the exported clip was reloaded back into VP the trails were still present.......


Can this be fxed???     i.e. During export of .gif clips  previous frames are deleted before the next is frame is rendered.



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While experimenting with this another anomaly surfaced...

Select several clips, click EFFECTS, then chose an effect (SCALE, as an example).  VP prompts to apply to one,  X number or to all clips. 

 Yet no matter what choice is made, the effect is applied to only a single clip.

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Thanks for reporting the issues.


I can reproduce the problem. It will be fixed.


This is actually a known issue. VideoPad did added the effect to all selected clips. However most effect with default parameters are equivalent to no effect. For example, applying a Scale effect with default value 100%, you won't see any difference.

When you change the parameter in the effect window, it will only apply to the main select clip. You can copy the effect chain to other select clip by click the "Replace effect chain in other selected clip" button:


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