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What receipt printer/cash drawer do you use?


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Wondering what specific receipt printer and cash drawer everyone is using with Copper. We just upgraded our computer and the newer version of Copper, which left us without the use of our previous receipt printer. It appears the Citizen CT-S310IIUBK is not compatible with our new system. It will print one receipt and then go into error mode. Actually, we can't use our network printer anymore for printing reports, and seem not able to email reports either. Not sure what happened with this new Windows 10 update, but that's probably the problem. Would like to know what combinations of receipt printers and drawers are being used with Windows 10.

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If you are a small business owner and wondering what receipt printer/cash drawer do you use, then I have some good news for you. There is no right or wrong choice here. This is a question that every small business owner needs to be asking themselves. Lest get  Leaflet print from Epson printer with new tips. If there was one answer that could work for every situation, then many businesses would have used it years ago. The truth is, there's not one single cash drawer solution that will work in 100% of all cases.

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