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Inventoria with Network Storage and Multiple Users

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Unfortunately, the data storage location can't be changed like that. Inventoria will sync with our other Business programs (Express Accounts, Express Invoice, Copper) but not with another instance of Inventoria. There is a web access feature that will allow Inventoria to run as a server, and for remote users to access that server via their web browsers.

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How do I get other users on other PCs to be able to access the Inventoria web access option. I have added the program to my PC and now want to be able to give web access to other users on different PCs so that they can view stock levels. I have been able to follow the link within the program which sends me to the web login but when typing in the links on another PC internet browser it is not directing the user to web login

Many thanks


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There are 2 checkboxes under Options-->Web Access:

"Allow access to Inventoria on the local network"


"Allow access to Inventoria from the Internet (Cloud Access)"


You'd need to check the second one to allow web access from outside your local network.

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