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Sound Dropouts

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Possible Bug.  (Golden)

I have been digitising my record collection, about 120 LPs.  Very occasionally the play-through sound misses about a second, but the gap doesn't occur on the recording, so all is well.

BUT today two such events occurred close together and there was a gap in the recording.    This coincides with disk activity, so I'm guessing you're writing to a temporary file and this is interrupted by Windows writing something to disk.

Maybe a cure would be to allow us to specify the location of the temp file, on another drive or maybe on a ramdrive?

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Hi, as soon as you stop the recording you will see the file in the following folder C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Music\Golden there is no temp file or at least this cannot be accessed during the recording. If the issue occurs on old recording I will suggest you to reinstall the software

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I'm having the same problem. No matter where I set the noise floor - using the calibration method or manual - Golden Records just does not pick up certain parts of certain records, even though the playback sound (I've tried playback sound ON and OFF) is consistent from the vinyl source device.

I use NCH's Wavepad and Soundtap and they are fine.  But I'm finding Golden Records more hassle than it's worth.  I'm thinking of going back to EZ Vinyl Converter, even if you have to use iTunes (my old EZ converter eventually died after many years' solid use).

If I can solve this problem, great. If not, bye-bye Golden, hello again EZ, my old friend.

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