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Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

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Hey! So I added a small "glitch" to my video for visual effect to tie the music to the clip. Basically just a few .5 second black flashes over the existing clip.

When I export the file and watch on my computer, it's there. But when I upload to Vimeo or Youtube, it disappears. 
I shifted the "glitch" over to another clip to test it out, and you can see it then. 
What can I do to fix this?


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The black strobe at :33 is evident in the video above.  But what is the intent of the vertical black bars at :25?

To analyze the project, what's needed is the result of FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT.

 Zip all the files, including the VPJ, and upload to a link that can be made public here.



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The "glitch" at :33 was visible from both downloaded and Vimeo videos.

Just a thought: The back frames might be too short and last just one frame, some of the frames might lost when Vimeo/Youtube re-process the video.

You can try:

  • Make the black clips longer. Try make them last at lease 0.1 ~ 0.2 seconds. Also the duration between black clips should be similar length. You shouldn't see difference as it plays.
  • Output to a higher frame rate.
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