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Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

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Hi Everyone...

New to the forum and need help asap.

I have a 25 minute mp3 audio file and all I want to do is grab a 2 minute soundbite from the file

and send it to another person's email.

I tried for an hour or more and still can't get it done.

Anyone with a step by step process I can easily follow would be greatly appreciated.


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I use WavePad every day, but primarily with .wav files. While it would seem that your project should be very simple, I admit to having a difficult time myself working with mp3 files in WavePad.

I have done some trial and error to try helping you out, and without getting into too much detail about it all, here is what I would suggest…. (I work on a pc)

Open WavePad. Drag the original full length file into the project window. Place the cursor at the point you wish to begin your soundbite, and left click and drag to the beginning of the file. Then delete the selected part. Next do the same at the end of your soundbite, dragging and deleting everything that follows. Now – most important – save this new soundbite file with a new name, so you do not alter the original! (File menu > Save As) I would recommend saving with the attributes of the original file. You should be able to attach this file to an email.

Hope that works for you.

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Hi...I'm working on a PC as well and have to thank you for taking the time to find a work-a-round...

I'm sure once I learn more about Wavepad, I'll be able to use it to isolate these sound bites.

In the meantime, your suggestion worked like a charm and got the job done 

(and I didn't waste another couple of hours trying to make this work.)

So again, thank you and your help is greatly appreciated.

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