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Recording digital stream from USB source

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I have a very good quality HIFI system and large collection of vinyl LPs and have started to digitise them.  Obviously I want to get the best quality recordings (without spending a fortune) before selling the turntable and LPs, and bought a NAD PP4 USB ADC to interface between turntable and my laptop. The NAD outputs a 16 bit 48khz (fixed on the NAD) PCM stream and using SoundTap on the laptop set the same, with the USB as source, record the stream as a wave file. The record level is set on the laptop by adjusting the levels on the Sound Recording Devices (windows 10) dialogue box, then fine tuned on the NAD. When I set the playback volume to zero the record level remains unchanged.

 I then use WavePad to split the file into tracks etc. I’ve only recorded a couple of LPs and the quality is acceptable.

So, the query here is: The audio from the NAD is a digital stream through the USB port so does SoundTap just create the wave file directly from this stream without any involvement of the analogue audio circuitry on the laptop (given that pc’s and laptops have notoriously poor audio circuitry)? Still, it must check the volume level somehow so that it can display the levels, and there is analogue from the playback port.  I want the recording to be digital from end to end to prevent analogue losses  / distortion on the laptop.

Does anyone here know how it works?

Thanks in advance. Gordon.

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