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Replication of Client name when creating order


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In v5.01 the name of existing clients are no longer replicating when creating a new order. This means that you have to type in the full name (without any error), otherwise a new customer is created. This is quite annoying. Am I missing something? This used to work well in v4.

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The "Customer" case will always show the existing client list, as soon as you type the first letter of the customer name the client should come up to select. 

Please test the above from other windows, like the New Invoice OR New Quote windows. If the issue persist, I will suggest to reinstall the software. 

Best regards,




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Hi T, thanks for your suggestion.

Yes - the existing client comes up, but I'm unable to select it. I tried it for the other forms: it works well when creating an invoice, but I have the same issue when creating a new quote.



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