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Release Note v5.20


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  • Added Equalizer audio effect.
  • Allow to select one of the audio tracks when importing a video with multiple audio tracks.
  • Added option to disable inserting dissolved frames for slowed (via Speed Change) clips.
  • UI tweaking:
    • For beginners, some of the advanced features are hidden from the UI until the project getting more content.
    • Can now drag clips between media bin, preview windows and the timeline (before we can only drag from bin to timeline).
    • Re-arranged tool bar buttons.
    • Added more options to right click menu on clips.
    • Added hint messages.


  • Fixed "Building Preview" appearing too often makes playback not smooth.
  • Fixed Fade Out effect not applied properly if start point is not at the beginning of the clip
  • Fixed an issue burning Blu-ray disk.
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