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Transition smooth end?


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Perhaps what you are seeing is characteristic of the "freeze frame'" mode of transitioning.

When unedited clips (no trimming) are used in this mode the FROM clip will begin to fade out a the start point of the transition, then freeze midway.  At the same time, the TO clip will fade in while frozen, then begin its action at the midpoint.  This occurs because there is no excess video at the end of the FROM clip or at the head of the TO clip.

To avoid a freeze, use the "overlap" mode instead, which can be chosen under OPTIONS|EDITING tab.  Click on the chevron to the right of the "video clip transitioning" field.  Be aware that this mode will shift the clips slightly, which could affect synchronization to other clips, especially audio.  The "ask me" choice in the options window will cause VP to prompt for these two modes when adding some transitions.

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