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Does it make a difference when trying to load an OGG file into ExpresScribe to transcribe?  I recently had to purchase a new computer that has Windows 10 and had to re-download ExpressScribe.  I entered my registration key and was notified that the key was for an older version, so I had to purchase the newer one.  When required to download the OGG.exe component with my previous computer and older version of Windows, it worked perfectly.  I am not sure if the issue is With Windows 10 or the updated ExpressScribe software when trying to load an OGG file, which I am required to do as administrator, due to the type of transcription I perform.  After downloading a zipped file of my work, I must run a script to extract the files, which also disables the internet (intentionally) when those files are extracted.  I also get a message that Microsoft cannot open the app or something to that effect, with the "Built-in Administrator" account and to choose another account, while a notification from ExpressScribe indicates a video file is loading.  I have to close the message Microsoft message, which stops any further activity in ExpresScribe and then I get a notification from ExpressScribe to go to the site to download yet another component ffpmg.exe or something, which gives me WavePad Sound editor.  I can convert the OGG to MP3 but the issue is the files are multi-channel recordings (court) and I cannot adjust the channels to hear them clearly.  

I am missing out on so much money right now as these files are paying $58.62 per audio hour and there are sometimes rush jobs that are paying $80.00 an audio hour.

Any insight?

Thanks and sorry for the novel


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.ogg files are supported on the Pro version of the software. 

Make sure you have registered the software before trying to load these files. On the top of the window you should see a "License Software" status indicating it was registered. 

When ready,  reload the file, make sure you are not loading the .zip file but the .ogg that you are referring to, you can drag and drop, use the Load icon/option or right click on the .ogg file to select "Transcribe with Express Scribe". 

If you keep on getting the admin prompt, you´ll need to reinstall the software using the "Run as Admin..." option before trying again.


Best regards, 




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