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Menu usage with multiple Titles


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I have a large file with a subset of short file which have a title embedded in them. When I use Create Menu how do I make sure that the titles for each file will point to the correct for selection from the menu or do I have to enter the tile before the file is encoded I am nor sure how the multi titles work in the Create Menu function. I hate the idea that i have to burn a disk just to test what is happening. There needs to be fuller explanation of how the Create Menu function works.

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In order to create the menu, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Click Add File(s) on the Video Tab
  2. Navigate to the videos that you want to include on the DVD and click Open
  3. Click the Create Menu button
  4. Enter a Title and Subtitle
  5. Select a template from options on the left of the Disc Menu Creator window
  6. Optional: Add a custom image using the Select custom image for this template... button
  7. Optional: The default for your menu is centered, use the left of right arrows to align text on either the left or right edge
  8. When your menu is ready, click Save Menu

*****The Create Menu button will now say Edit Menu ,if you need to make any additional changes

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