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Express accounts Partial payments?

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Notice that Express Accounts is designed to apply payments to the oldest invoice of a customer, you can't apply partial payments to different invoices as the payment will accumulate on the oldest invoice due, so you won't be able to start applying payments on new invoices until the oldest one has been fully paid.

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Thanx for the info, but I can't seem to understand clearly. The partial payments on customers work perfect, just as I wanted. In fact on the SALES when we open the INVOICE option, we can see the info as: Customer, Salesperson, Amount and Due. On the due we can see right away the pending balance and the status beside it showing partially Paid etc.. Now, when I buy/purchase order, I many times advance 10% of the total cost and sometimes more, later on when I sell, I pay the remaining 90% or the balance I owe. If in the purchase order it does not reflect the balance due like in SALES, is extra work to take note of the advances I gave and try not to forget, with invoice sales, the info is handy, clear and simple. If I open Purchase orders we see the same amount, but some are wrong because I advanced 10% of that purchase order already. I am not trying to distribute payments to different invoice, each invoice has more than one payment, some invoices are 100% so is ok. Same thing I would like in the purchase orders. How would you do if a some suppliers asks for a 10 or 15% down payment before shipment on a purchase orders? Thats the thinggi..

Thanx a lot




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