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Video will process halfway and then restart... HELP!!!

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This morning a video I had made with Screenflick recording software just had uploaded to Quicktime player, so I got onto VideoPad, which is my editing software, and imported the video into the media bin. After that I dragged it into the Sequence 1 section with the audio and video tracks, and then started waiting for it to process. A green line showed up and moved so I went to the couch and started reading. 

A while later I went back to VideoPad and saw that there was no green bar, so I assumed (since this is my second video edited with VideoPad and the first one didn't work out too well), that it had just finished processing and that was all. So I started previewing the video, but this message in a blue box appeared in the bottom left of the preview window:

"Building Preview... Please wait."

I tried exiting the preview mode and just watched from the sequence window. Same thing happened.

So I quit video pad and reopened it, then when it asked if I wanted to open the autosaved file I clicked "yes."

And it started processing again. This time, I watched the green bar the entire time it processed. 

A little more than halfway through the process, the green bar stopped abruptly and 5 seconds later disappeared.

I tried again. Same outcome. I tried opening a copy of that file. Same outcome. I tried downloading from Quicktime to video pad instead of downloading from VideoPad. Same outcome. And I also tried downloading a different video. The same thing happened again!!

I really need help with this because I just saved up for an entire month to buy this software, and if it was for nothing then that would really suck.

Please help,


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