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Random delay happens.

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I notice that after a bit there is a delay that occurs and it causes for my words to not get picked up in a game right away or it tends to cut off what i say. Is there a way to fix this? It works fine for a while. the delay that happens can be 1-5 seconds long. I stream so I would like to fix this. 

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sometimes it happens right away, sometimes it happens after 30 minutes, sometimes it happens after a few hours. I have to restart voxal and even sometimes voicemeeter to get it working again. but it ends up repeating. Also i did the reinstall when i first purchased my license.

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forgot a small detail
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Thanks for the update - I don't think we have done much testing with Voxal in conjunction with Voicemeeter. It could be that the 2 drivers are not playing nicely with each other. I will have someone look into it.



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